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The dream of a lesbian high school student who loves Japanese beautiful mature women is lesbian sex with the teacher! Continue temptation and in the health room … ♡

“… I want to know more …” I love Ryoko -sensei, and she wants to know the teacher and reads the borrowed book all night. Dr. Ryoko rides in the temptation from such an aggressive worry, brings him to the health room, and is gently and violently solved. Ryoko drowning in the charm of the melancholy, and she gradually becomes bold. When the story of the teacher and the student who has made a forbidden contract reverses, the unexpected ending comes.出典:FANZA

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Reversal relationship between teachers and students! Forbidden Lesbian Gakuen 4

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It is an erotic video that a lesbian high school girl who loves a Japanese beautiful mature woman seduces a teacher and seeks lesbian sex. The teacher who invites a Japanese beautiful mature woman many times and lusted the student’s invitation goes to the health room with a student. Kiss the lesbian student naked. And hand man. I’ll do cunnilingus when it gets wet. And in return from the lesbian schoolgirl, licking the beautiful big tits of a Japanese beautiful mature woman, cunnilingus. Thus, they started lesbian sex for forbidden teachers and students. The two who loved each other did many lesbian sex in the school at once, did many times. The Japanese beautiful mature woman and the high school girls are naked, lick each other’s pussy, and rub the pussy and pussy.

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