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She should be a substitute for her daughter who is being bullied, but she is bullied by her mother and daughter and play! The intimidation continues after returning home! ?

The tragic feeling that my mother and daughter are bullied by classmates and mom friends! Witnessing her daughter’s bullying at school and replacing her … Mother who inevitably endures for her cute girl! Wearing clothes abandoned in the toilet bowl and leaving school with parents and children, even if you return home, you will receive a threatening email of shame command …! The devil’s class visits begin to be a perverted nude drawing model and forced desperate shame pose!出典:FANZA

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Revolutionary AV Drama 6 RC Gakuen 1 Year C Group Mother and Daughter Bullying Class Visit

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Knowing that her daughter is being bullied, the mother of a Japanese mature woman is replaced, but she is bullied by her mother and daughter. Bullying will receive a threatening email not only in the school but also after returning home. The mother of a Japanese mature woman gets naked, and her daughter writes the date on her mother’s boobs and is taken. I was asked to go to school with two people, and in the classroom, I was naked with my mother and daughter. I am embarrassed to pose and make it a drawing model. Mother and daughter made graffiti all over the body and kissed by mother and daughter. My mother and daughter lick my boobs, and my daughter licks her mature mother’s pussy. The target mother and daughter cannot escape this bullying!

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