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A beautiful Japanese mature woman is always on the bath with her daughter and the bath is always the same! Love was overflowing, my mother and daughter have become lesbian

A story that looks into a week sent by a super -beautiful mother and daughter. Various things happen from Monday to Sunday. The two were nurturing love with a friend and child or more. Shopping together, taking a bath. The two are the same when they are fun and sad … And finally the two will be tied … The first partner is a mother, please enjoy the story of such a slightly unusual mother and daughter.出典:FANZA

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One week of mother and daughter -Lesbian Tsubaki Wakazuki

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A lesbian story of a mature mother and daughter who recorded a week of mother and daughter. A beautiful Japanese mature woman had a secret. That is, because he is too close to her daughter, he has a lesbian relationship with her daughter. Mature mother and daughter are always on good terms, go out and bath at any time. One day, she loves her daughter too much, so her mother can’t control her feelings and lick her daughter’s feet. Gradually, they could not control their lust and developed into a lesbian relationship. A beautiful Japanese mature woman kisses her daughter on the bed. He gently gave his daughter’s pussy.

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